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Grief Massage

The loss of a loved one affects all aspects of a person's mind, body and spirit. Grief causes physiological changes including a stress response which results in an increase in cortisol. The stress from grief can result in a high level of cortisol in the blood, sometimes over 10-20x the normal level.(1) This increased cortisol level appears to remain elevated for at least the first six months after a loss and for some may continue and become chronic.(2) This in turn can cause, among other things, a decrease in immunity(3), heart problems (4,5), increase the perception of physical pain (6,7)     and problems sleeping (8) and eating (9). 

Two studies that have directly studied the effect of massage on grieving people have demonstrated that massage is helpful. From other studies on the use of massage during stressful situations it can be inferred that massage would similarly benefit grieving individuals.

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